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What is SPIF?

Whether we call them SPIF Days, Hype Days, Blitz Days, Focus Days, Incentives Days or Floor walks – ultimately the end goal is to increase staff performance and productivity leading to a distinct boost in sales and positive brand perception.  These days can be used for product launches, re-branding, brand awareness, a special offer or a general sales uplift to hit company targets.

How does a SPIF day work?

SPIF days are designed to energise the existing sales force and create a fun competitive environment that is driven to producing results. A typical SPIF Day would consist of –

  • Set up branding / game / theming before the workplace comes to life
  • SPIF event manager to launch the day explaining the sales targets to reach in order to win prizes
  • Desk drop to be given to each participant at the start of the day
  • Deal sheets to be emailed / given to each participant with objectives and game rules
  • SPIF event manager to motivate and interact with each individual to inspire performance
  • Manage the game to encourage the teams competitive edge
  • SPIF event manager to keep the sales floor focused throughout the day
  • Prize giving and end of day performance rewards

What we do before the day?

Briefing call or meeting with the relevant stakeholders to understand your commercial requirements and goals for the event(s)

  • Create a personalised event concept with concepts and execution specifically linked to your objectives
  • Outline a clear breakdown of costs and structure for the activities to allow you to fully understand the benefits of the event against the expenditure
  • Agree timeline, agenda, details then your all set for your SPIF Event to take place

Every SPIF Day is 100% bespoke to your requirements, objectives and team. We are highly flexible and we can accommodate as many or as few activities and prizes. We have a variety of games and themed event options which we can design with you to make the best day for you and your team.