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Benefits of a SPIF Day?

We at SPIF work collaboratively with our client to help them achieve not only a short term sales spike but to provide ongoing support to achieve their business objectives and strategic goals. SPIF Days provide an exciting and innovating environment to bring life and vitality into the workforce. Employees benefit from improved product knowledge, positive brand perception and an increased confidence to sell the brand products to customers.

What are your objectives?

• Instant motivation towards achieving specified targets
• Incentivise sales force
• Kick-start a new product sales launch
• Encourage a healthy competitive element within the team
• Sales force rewarded for active participation
• An engaging, interactive morale boosting experience

A SPIF Day would suit

• Any business or team involved in sales
• Predominantly effective for sales/call centre/customer service teams
• Any size workplace from 5 people to 300

  • Bespoke

  • Target Driven

  • Motivational

  • Event Manager

  • Branding / Theming

  • Product Expert

  • Game Choice

  • Prize Allocation