– Setting targets
    – Improving sales figures
    – Presenting key products, features and benefits
    – Launching new products / rebrand


    – Improving personal and company performance
    –  Increases staff productivity
    – Promotes a competitive working environment
    – Long term performance delivery


    – Prizes for top individual performers
    – Prizes for top teams
    – Spot Prizes
    – Recognition

  • FUN

    – Exciting team building experience
    – Fresh bespoke games
    – Interactive and challenging

A SPIF event is a cost effective highly motivating tactical incentive. We help to boost your sales and productivity by creating a fun, focused, interactive and competitive environment which is mutually rewarding for both organisation and employees.

“ Motivation is the push. Inspiration is the pull.” – Natalie DeBruin


Well…… We……

Are 100% focused on SPIF days!
Are cost effective and deliver targeted ROI
Help make the right choices to suit your needs
Understand the dynamics of sales floors
Specialise in fun, motivated performance
Deliver high energy, high performance days
Have the experience and knowledge to tailor the day to meet your needs
Theme the day to your brand or other requirements
Monitor and encourage high performance results of each sales person


Inspire commitment within your organisation to achieve financial and commercial targets – both long term and short term


Engage your teams to take up the challenge; keeping them focused on achieving success and aligning their efforts to clear business goals


Ensure a measurable set of objectives and activities to allow you to monitor and evaluate success and impact

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